Giving Back

By engaging Take 2 Home Inspections you are also helping Sunrise Cambodia

We donate a portion of the income from each inspection to assist Sunrise Cambodia in their valuable work.

Sunrise Cambodia is a world-class charity working on the ground in Cambodia to give much-needed help to at-risk kids, struggling families and poor communities in some of the most poverty-stricken provinces of the country.

Sunrise Cambodia began in the early 1990s when a South Australian fifty-year old named Geraldine Cox took in a group of orphans she found fending for themselves near the Thai border. These were some of the orphaned grandchildren from Pol Pot’s murderous regime. Geraldine soon became “Mum to Many” as she took in street kids, orphans and the disabled to give them good food, a place to sleep, an education and lots of love.

With the need so great, Sunrise Cambodia has grown to support whole communities with much-needed sustainable development so that families can thrive: clean water, sanitation and health care, followed by education. Sunrise has a team of 100 Cambodian staff and a small fundraising crew in Australia.
The work of Sunrise Cambodia is not funded by the Australian Government. It is entirely funded by generous donors.

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